Parents to be blamed for high failure rates?

The reason why we all are failing is we forget that our kids need talks at home, laughter, storytelling, kisses and hugs.

Parents, do you know the colour of your kid's eyes? Clothes and food must not replace the children's real sense of belonging to a family that loves them � only then can we talk about our educational contributions. You will find that Grade 12 learners don't know what they want to become in the future, which they should have known in Grade 9 already.

Children who attend school without a purpose, vision, dreams and ambitions do not have a purpose in life. So what am I saying? We the parents are largely to be blamed for our country's big failure rate.

We must know our kids and respect their feelings. Why are they at times withdrawn? Do we think why the high rate of school leavers? Why can't our kids read? Some kids finish school without parents even seeing their school reports. The emptiness in our kids lets them take up arms against themselves, suicides caused by lonely angry unloved kids.

Emptiness within brings drug abuse and results in many other problems. Parents let's get up and help the teachers. When our kids know that they are going home everyday not to a house, then they themselves will hate the streets. (Article in New Era dated Friday the 11th of May, 2018. Our president Hage Geingob expresses his concern about the state of our youth).

My answer to that is that our youth are in a state of economical, educational, social and psychological displacement. We Namibians must find the I within first, then we will feed in, in our society, as a mature Nation.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia