Parliament approves sending of military contingent to DRC

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The National Assembly (Angolan parliament) this Friday unanimously approved the sending of a military contingent of the Angolan Armed Forces (FAA) to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), as part of the support and peacekeeping operations in the eastern region of that central African country.

The approval of the Angolan parliament is in response to a Request for Authorization from the President of the Republic, as Commander-in-Chief of the Angolan Armed Forces (FAA), on the sending of the peacekeeping force to the neighbouring DRC.

During the V Extraordinary Plenary Session of the National Assembly, which had a single point on agenda, the MPs voted in favour, with no objections or votes against.

In the presentation of the document, on behalf of the President of Republic, the minister of State and Head of the Military Affairs Office of the President of the Republic, Francisco Pereira Furtado, emphasized the nature of the mission, which also emanates from international commitments taken up by the country.

Francisco Pereira Furtado informed that, of the financial amount to be used in the mission (11.2 billion kwanzas ), AKz 4.6 billion are already available, in an operation that will last 12 months.

According to UNITA´s MP, Jorge Matias da Cruz, the party is in favour because it considers that peace is a priceless asset and that must be defended.

The PHA´s MP , Fernando Diniz, highlighted the duty to fulfil solidarity missions, as well as the sharing of experience with the other nations of the continent to promote peace and stability.

A similar position was expressed by the PRS/FNLA Joint Parliamentary Group which, through MP Benedito Daniel, argued that the instability in the DRC is also a negative factor for Angola.

On her turn, the Speaker of the National Assembly, Carolina Cerqueira, wished success to the military contingent in the peace mission in eastern DRC, recommending that they stand up with discipline and high sense of mission in the defence of fundamental rights and safety of civilian populations, particularly children, girls and women, the main victims of a conflict.

“Crimes against defenceless populations have already caused more than ten million victims, so we think it is important the role of Angola in the demilitarization and peace of the sub-region of Central Africa”, She explained.

The diploma aims to ensure the process of cantonment of the military forces of the M23 forces, in the East of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Source: Angola Press News Agency (APNA)