Parliamentarians should create conducive environment to protect human rights: Katjavivi

Speaker of the National Assembly Peter Katjavivi, said Parliamentarians should create a conducive environment for the protection and promotion of fundamental human rights, even under the challenging times of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Katjavivi made these remarks on Tuesday during a Parliament session.

He said the day 15 September, coincides with International Day of Democracy declared by United Nations (UN) General Assembly, with the aim of promoting and upholding the principles of democracy in member states.

The day also coincidence with Inter-Parliamentary Union Universal Declaration on Democracy, which was adopted in 1997 by the UN.

‘We are called upon as legislators to sharpen our oversight role to ensure the strengthening of our public health system to meet challenges of the pandemic, help with the modalities in reviving the ailing economies and addressing the challenges of poverty, hunger diseases and inequality associated with COVID-19 now and beyond,’ said Katjavivi.

He added that parliamentarians have a mandate from the people who voted for them into parliament, the political will from conscious and the tools to better living conditions for citizens.

Source: Namibia Press Agency