Patience Ozokwor, humble, inspirational

Windhoek: She is known as that devious and wicked woman in Nollywood movies. That evil step mother that no child can stand. However, not many know that Mama G is way different from Patience Ozokwor.

Nigerian actress, Mama G was the guest on MTC’s inspirational talk show “Masters of Success” on Tuesday and Boy, how surprising was it to find out that the person we watch on TV personality is far from what she really is in real life. The veteran Nigerian actress, who appeared to be very humble acted in over 200 movies till date, is saved, yes she is born again and she is also a gospel artist. During her interview at the show, the star spoke about her length, about her life as a widow, her three biological children and the reason she adopted five children who bear her name.

She revealed how she was forced to marry an older man at the age of 21 after completing her secondary education and because it was against their culture to disobey her parents she had to do it. When asked how she manages such an intensive career and still be a mom, the 56-year-old responds saying “all the money I’m making is for my kids to go to school, even though I couldn’t finish my studies, I had to make ends meet and make sure my children receive education. I’m used to working hard and not asking people for money or bothering people with my problems.”

Why she always plays the niche of either the witch or wicked women, Ozokwor admits to frowning on her roles and getting emotional when taking up the roles. “I hate my roles in the movies. My kids will initially run away from me. I have done a lot of things in the movies that many people hate me for but they still show me love. People appreciate me for who I am, I am not like that. The thing about the roles I play is that of I don’t do it well people won’t understand that this things happen in real life,” she says.

The actress says she is inspired by her fellow Nollywood actors like Lize Benson, Ngoze, Kate Hudson and the late South African singer Miriam Makeba. Her advice to the film industry was for Africans to collaborate as one and bring out the different cultures. “People want to watch us tell our own stories. We need to keep record of our stories and document them.”

Defining a women of substance, Ozokwor, says “being humble, a good wife and being a mother to every child even if you are not their real mother.”

“Women have roles to play in their homes. You must start learning from your mothers. Life is not about fashion, there are things you do when you are young but you wouldn’t want your children to do one day. You should start building your womanhood from a young age and look into activities of a woman. Learn to cook, wash and respect your husband,” she responds to the question about some of the things young women should always be conscious of. She advises that if one’s parents are always fighting, one must tell herself or himself she/he doesn’t want to live her/his live like that.

Ozokwor points out throughout that God is the pillar of her success and becoming born again was the best choice she ever made. The star says she will be coming back to Namibia to shoot a film, something on the Namibian past she discovered through her tour.