Pensioner accused of killing pregnant ex-girlfriend and nephew

ONGWEDIVA-A 61-year-old man is set to make an appearance in Okahao Magistrate's Court this week in connection with the killing of his ex-girlfriend and her nephew.

The man, who cannot be named until he appears in court, was arrested after allegedly committing the evil deed on Tuesday.

According to information provided by the spokesperson of the Omusati police, Sergeant Anna Kunga, the man is suspected to have killed the ex-girlfriend in a fit of jealous rage and revenge.

The woman is said to have been heavily pregnant at the time of her death. She had broken up with the suspect and was now pregnant by another man.

She has been identified as Ndapandula Nekwaya and her nephew as 25-year-old Taapopi Shikongo.

The police say the suspect stabbed Nekwaya four times in the stomach at Ondumbo location in Omusati Region. Kunga said Shikongo was stabbed after attempting to stop the fight between his aunt and the suspect, when he was struck in the chest with a knife.

The suspect then stopped beating the ex and turned to the nephew and stabbed him once in the chest causing him to die on the spot. Then he continued to stab the woman four times in the stomach, said Kunga.

Nekwaya died at Oshakati Intermediate Hospital, where she was rushed to for treatment. Nekwaya and the suspect have three-children together and had been in a long-term relationship, said to have ended last year.

Kunga said the police further gathered that the suspect had been abusing the mother of his three children for a long period, which caused her to end their violent relationship.

The police said although the relationship had been off for some time it was not known why the man is only reacted now that ex-lover was pregnant.

We suspect that maybe he was jealous that the ex found a new lover. But he is arrested and is expected to appear in court.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia