Pensioners want to see more development at Kehemu

Pensioners in the Rundu Urban Constituency say they want to see more development taking place in the Kehemu informal settlement.

Petrus Kativa, 62, was one of the pensioners waiting in the queue at Kehemu Primary School to vote in the Regional Council and Local Authority elections on Wednesday.

After casting his vote at the Kehemu Primary School Kativa said many services are still needed in Kehemu.

He said parts of the settlement still do not have electricity and the roads are in poor condition.

“I came to vote so the new leadership can bring more development to this area,” he said.

Another pensioner, 60-year-old Sirkka Ihemba, said her concern is more with the youth who seemingly did not turn up in numbers at this polling station.

Ihemba said even if young people have lost hope in the current government they should still vote as the future is about them.

Source: Namibia Press Agency