People living with disabilities urged to use grants wisely

People living With Disabilities have been urged to use disability grants they are receiving from the state wisely and not to spend it on unnecessary items such as alcohol and drugs at a meeting that was held to engaged person on their living conditions.

Disability grants should enable people to live a healthy life style and the way of the riving should reflect on their images, Community Liaison Officer, Daniel Kaveta in the Department of Disability Affairs at the Office of the Vice President, said at the meeting held at the Khorixas State Hospital, here on Wednesday.

It is only fair to see if the person are really making use of the little money they are getting a good manner. Spending money on alcohol and drugs does not help and will never change the way you are living. You as a person living with disability can also make a difference by buying healthy food and eating it instead of buying alcohol that is very destructive to your body, he said.

Kaveta also said that the there are some person that are currently receiving disability grants but their personal hygiene shows that they have been using the little money they are getting for other purposes.

Some disabled women also used the money to convince their pretending lovers to stay with them.

We are also aware of situation that involve so called relationship. Due to tier conditions some women turn to think that they will not find husband and boyfriend. In addition, this so-called husband and boyfriends only show up when the money is there. Afraid of being dump women also turn out to use this money to give to their boyfriends so they could stay and the process repeats itself now and then, he said.

Kaveta also said that some men re used by women to buy food for children that are not their biological children just because they are looked after by the women and that it is not wrong to buy food for children but should also make use of the money to take care of themselves.

The department officials already visited , Sesfontien, Bersig , Palmwag and Khorixas and will visit Kamanjab, Anker and Erwe this week

The meeting was attended by approximately 20-disabled person and community member attended the meeting.

Source: Namibia Press Agency