Play the ball, not the person: Geingob

The Swapo presidential candidate for the upcoming election President Hage Geingob said political parties must play the political ball and not attack individual as they are campaigning for the upcoming elections.

Geingob made the remark at a Swapo star rally here on Sunday were close to 1 500 people were in attendance.

Namibians will go to the polls to cast their votes in the National and Presidential elections on 27 November this year.

Play the political ball talk about issues introduce your programmes to the voters, tell them what your programme are for the people to see and vote for you, do not play the person as in Geingob concentrate on your ideas yes talk about our failures and say what you want to change, he said.

The president condemned those who say that the Ovambo People's Organisation (OPO) must be revived adding that OPO was realigned with the objective to include all Namibians.

You are wasting your time saying OPO must be revived, even during the days of OPO there were other tribes such as myself, Karikutuke Tjitiange and Peter Katjavivi. We realise that all of us were oppressed and we change to Swapo and Swapo is not a one tribe party, Geingob added.

Geingob call on those who want the build the Namibian house to hold hands and move on in doing so.

He also calls on those who want to stand as independent candidate to stand so in their own capacity and not stand behind Swapo. Get out and face me personally why hide behind Swapo, the president cited.

he went on to say that Swapo is the only party that has united all tribes, race, ages, ethnicities and regions noting that Swapo is the only party that will bring peace, unity and development.

Vote for Swapo to stabilize the economy and continue Namibia's economic growth and development. Vote Swapo to fight Gender Based Violence(GBV), corruption and other serious crime, I also urged other political partiesto fight GBV head on, said Geingob.

Also speaking was the Deputy Minister on Gender Equality and Child Welfare, Lucia Witbooi who said it is true that there are still challenges that need to be addressed under the Swapo government adding that a lot has been done since independence.

Rome was not build in one day we invite you to vote Swapo as we keep on building the Namibia we want. We have improved on education, brought electricity and other development since independence, she said.

Source: Namibia Press Agency