PM calls on TAs to assist in efforts against GBV

Prime Minister (PM) SaaraKuugongelwa �Amadhila on Sunday said the importance of traditions and customs cannot be overemphasised at the BatswaraMayeyi Annual Cultural festival in the Sangwali, Lyamboloma Constituency, and Zambezi Region.

In a media statement from the PM's Office availed to Nampa on Sunday, the Premier further said it is traditions and customs that make up communities and through the practice of customs and traditions cementing of the togetherness and social cohesions in communities.

No nation is without its own norms, customs and traditions she said.

According to the Premier, traditions represent a critical piece of culture and form the structure and foundation of families in society.

She also noted that traditions remind us as part of a history that defines our past and shapes who we are today.

Equally important according to the former Finance Minister is not to ignore celebrating customs and traditions as the nation might run the risk of damaging the underpinning values of its identity.

The premier further added that celebrating traditions and customs enhances a sense of belonging as they bring communities together and enables them to reconnect.

It reinforces values which are inherent in communities, such as faith, integrity, a good education, personal responsibility, strong work ethics and value of being selfless amongst other things she said.

Kuugongelwa �Amadhila also stated that traditions and customs provide a forum to showcase role models and celebrate community successes and how to overcome the shortcoming identified.

The incidences of gender based � based violence perpetrated against mainly women and a girl child must be condemned by all of us and is a duty for every Namibian to value others and to protect their counterparts she said.

She then urged the Traditional Authorities (TA) as custodians of cultures and traditions of traditional communities to work hand in hand with the government to curb the evil practices, such as gender-based violence.

She congratulated the Mayeyi TA under the leadership of Shikati Boniface LutimbeziShufu.

I wish the community and Mayeyi TA the very best in its all noble endeavours to promote its welfare, Kuugongelwa �Amadhila concluded.

Source: Namibia Press Agency