Political parties must not use tribal card when campaigning: Venaani

Leader of the Popular Democratic Movement (PDM), McHenry Venaani said parties should not use the tribal card when campaigning for the upcoming elections.

Venaani said this while addressing close to 300 people during the party's campaign here on Saturday.

He said political parties must not fight the coming election based on tribalism and neither should they popularise based on tribalism but rather their campaign should be for everyone in the country and for them to bring the much needed change.

It does not mean that if am not of your tribe than I don't know your needs or your cry. The issues you have in the same are the same issues as in the west, east, and north, let us stand together fight our unity is in our diversity, he said.

Venaani urged those of his party to practice no violent, no personal attacks on their political adversary their campaigning adding that they must run a campaign based on issues and solutions.

There is only one party which is persistently and consistently fighting for change and the corruption of Swapo and it is PDM, I am the merchant of change and PDM is the merchant of change, said Venaani.

He said PDM is the only party that can create a new Namibia where everyone is welcome anywhere adding that it does not matter where the person has to come from but what they can bring on the table should be to consider.

Venaani said he will not only just cut the current Cabinet by 50 per cent but he will appoint minister from within and outside his party adding that he will seek people who are trustworthy , who are capable who are ready to serve the Namibian nation.

I will appoint 15 ministers with four deputy minister, all this ministers will not just come from PDM, I will put up a government for national purpose. I will look for people inside and outside PDM, I will seek men and women who have integrity and are capable who will bring change to this country, he said.

He said once elected as president in his 100 days in office he will build clinics in each constituency and nurses will be recruited where needed.

We will adopt a policy of one factory one constituency policy which will provide employment to those in their respective constituency decreasing urbanisation. We will do away with experiences asked when young people are applying for jobs, we will have an in house training system for young people to acquire experiences, he stressed.

Source: Nambia Press Agency