Poly Makes U-Turn On Kandjii Dismissal

After dismissing its director for marketing and communication Kaitira Kandjii last Friday, the Polytechnic of Namibia yesterday rescinded that decision by reinstating him.

Kandjii was dismissed during a disciplinary meeting held on Friday.

Speaking to New Era yesterday, Kandjii refused to confirm or deny that he was given his marching orders on Friday. Kandjii, formerly a regional director of the Media Institute for Southern African (MISA), however confirmed that he was still in his job yesterday.

Kandjii refused to comment further on the matter, referring all queries to the institution’s management.

Impeccable sources at the Polytechnic told New Era that Kandjii was dismissed for mismanagement of leave days of employees in his department and underperformance.

“Apparently he allowed one of the staff members in his department to go on leave for a number of days without filling in a leave form,” said the source.

“There was a lot of political pressure to have Kandjii reinstated by some Poly officials who were unhappy regarding the suspension, this is probably what saved him,” said the source.

It is claimed that Kandjii’s liberation struggle links saved the day for him after instructions were issued to the Polytechnic to reinstate him.

The source further said Kandjii was also barred from speaking to the media on Polytechnic matters because Polytechnic Rector Professor Tjama Tjivikua has been unhappy with a number of comments made by Kandjii in the news media pertaining the Polytechnic.

“I am sorry, we do not discuss personal matters,” said Tjivikua yesterday when contacted for comment.

The Minister of Education Dr Dawid Namwandi yesterday condemned Kandjii’s dismissal.

“I heard it through the grapevine but I do not support those types of things. We have to put on a human face when we deal with people, you cannot just be rigid, unless of course it is a genuine offence that warrants a dismissal. But I guess the Council is attending to that, perhaps that is the reason why,” Namwandi said.

“Already we have a problem with unemployment, we must be careful not to add to this, but if someone has committed a serious offence that is a different case. It is just wise that they reconsidered that decision,” he said.

Source : New Era