Poly students celebrate going back to school

Windhoek: Students from the Polytechnic of Namibia (PON) hosted its Back to School disco at the PON Basement on Tuesday night as part of their cultural festival held last week.

Hundreds of students attended dressed-up in their previous high school uniforms and some in the uniform of the future career that they wish to pursue. The aim of the event was to motivate the students to study hard and to celebrate where they come from, from the kindergarten to the higher institution.

Most students described the night as a blast that reminded them of the good old days when they were still young and in primary school. It was fun seeing the students in their old school uniforms, while some were dancing and screaming out the names of their previous schools.

Naftali Nghishekwa, a Bachelor of Marketing student, says he was surprised by the turnout and the fresh memories the students had about their schools. “I really had the best time at the disco and I got to show my fellow students some of my dance moves in my uniform,” says Nghishekwa.

Solly Shindodi, a Bachelor of Technology student, says the Back to School disco was well-organised and aimed to remind students of the long journey they had undertaken to get to university, as well as to motivate them to never give up on their dreams.

Phillip Nepando, who studies International Affairs, thinks the event was awesome. “This event took us back to where we once were and reminded us that we have now made it this far,” he enthused.