Popya With Rozzy Kambinda

Outspoken and generous, Rozzy Kambinda, 24-years-old, is very determined to reach her goal and follow her dreams.

Born in Rundu in the Okavango East Region, she is the second last of her nine siblings. Kambinda attended her Primary School at Helen van Ryhn in Luderitz and continued high school at Centaurus High School. At school she had many friends because she was friendly and she also used to give beauty and make-up tips to her friends, something she enjoyed. After completing high school, Kambinda furthered her studies in HIV and AIDS Management at the University of Namibia (Unam), currently in her final year and working towards completing her internship at the Windhoek Central State Hospital as an HIV and AIDS counsellor

As much as she loves her profession, Kambinda is very passionate about being a beautician. “At a tender age I always wanted to be a beautician, due to financial constraints I was not able to study cosmetology. In 2012, I started saving and I then decided to take a short nail course of five days at Shadonai Beauty Academy,” says Kambinda.

After she finished her short course, her nail business, which she does on a part time basis has been doing well. “My nail business is doing well and people love my work. I am very hard working and I get my strength from my clients,” she says. Her strength is reinforced when she look smart , when she is well informed on the new art, when she knows the colour gels that suit different skin tone and her weakness is having a lot of competitors, and also sometimes when clients don’t want to pay the price charged. “The products are sometimes expensive to purchases but I love what I do and that keeps me going,” Kambinda says.

She adds that life has not been easy on her but she has kept on going. “I looked up to my mother, she was my hero and she taught me how to value myself and work towards achieving what I believe in. Even when my mother is no longer with us, I always think of her when I face challenges. I also look up to successful people. They inspire me to work hard. I appreciate each wise aice I get from people who value and want to see me achieve,” she says.

Five years from now, kambinda sees herself as a super powerful business woman in the beauty industry, married, having a family and working as counsellor, giving hope to the people infected and affected by the epidemic disease. “I have a message for each and every person trying to achieve their dreams. Put God first, because He is the source of everything, have a room for learning new things because when you stop learning you stop growing, you can do anything you dream of as long as you have the passion and don’t look down on yourself,” Kambinda motivates. She also worked for Nandos as a Coordinator as well as a representative for Avon.

Source : New Era