Poverty reduction responsibility of Govt: Deputy Minister

KEETMANSHOOP: Poverty reduction is the responsibility of Government with its implementing partners and equally, the person affected by poverty.

Deputy Minister of Gender Equality and Child Welfare, Lucia Witbooi during a meeting with the ministry’s staff at Keetmanshoop on Monday said it is a two-way street.

Witbooi is currently on an official tour of the region to familiarize herself with the challenges faced by her ministry in executing its duties.

She commended the staff on the implementation of income-generating projects, saying it was one of the successes of the ministry.

Witbooi advised them to encourage beneficiaries to get involved in projects they are interested in, as opposed to projects they know little about, for its true benefits to emerge.

The deputy minister said that in her lifetime, she wants to witness poor people living in ragged shacks move into brick houses. She said that this is possible but only with the involvement of the poor person.