Poverty should not prevail in a region as rich as ||Kharas: !Naruseb

It is not justifiable that poverty, food security, unemployment and economic development cannot be address in a region rich with natural resources as the ||Kharas region the Minister of Agriculture, Water and Forestry, has said.

Alpheus !Naruseb made the remarks in a speech read on his behalf here on Thursday during the Keetmanshoop Municipality business seminar.

The business seminar which was held under the theme 'Unlock new opportunities through smart partnerships' took place along the 2019 Keetmanshoop Agriculture, Industrial and Tourism Expo which started on Tuesday and ends Saturday.

The minister said ||Kharas region is one of Namibia's regions that are endowed with an abundance of natural resources ranging from minerals, fisheries and marine resources, wind, sunshine and beautiful sceneries.

This region has a potential for tourism because of its landscape sceneries and historical places which attract international tourist. We are aware that this region has agricultural resources which make it possible for Namibia to produce high value crops and to export high quality sheep, goats, grapes and dates earning foreign exchange for our country, he added.

He strongly encouraged those attending the seminar to identify not only new opportunities but also for them to also bottleneck what has been hampering development in the region.

He noted that for the successful of the development of economy for the region earmarked smart partnership should be guided by the comparative advantages of the region in terms of resources.

This requires us to identify those resources and the opportunity that are they present and develop those resources to the maximum through innovation and targeted investment driven by smart partnership, said !Naruseb.

In a speech also delivered on her behalf Keetmanshoop Deputy Mayor, Hilia Titus said Keetmanshoop has no shortage of land adding that it currently has more than 30 000 hectares of un-proclaimed urban land, which is mostly being used for grazing livestock based on a three-year lease agreement.

She added that the municipality is not deriving a lot of benefit from this type of land use and will consider town expansion as the need arises.

Titus encouraged serious investors to come forward and present their proposals so that they join hands with the municipality and deliver smart projects that can grow the economy and create jobs.

Source: Namibia Press Agency