Power cuts at Omuthiya compound water scarcity

Omuthiya-Over the past few days taps in Omuthiya have been running dry while some households experienced weak flow due to low pressure in the pipes, a situation attributed to the electricity cutting out intermittently, which in turn leaves the pumps at reservoirs without sufficient power to pump water.

Omuthiya CEO Samuel Mbango in a telephonic interview said they were working hard on addressing the problem, which has become a daily occurrence exacerbated by the long distances Namwater technicians have to travel to the town to repair the pumps.

The technicians are stationed at Ondangwa, which presents a challenge for them to address the issue timeously when the need arises.

Sometimes this happens in the night and those people are far and sometimes cannot travel that time and only work on it in the morning. So, if it happens that the power trips in the night, it means there will be no water pumped, which leaves the taps dry. On the other hand this creates low pressure, Mbango explained.

He said he was working on solving the issue through an arrangement to have some technicians stationed in Omuthiya on a permanent basis. So, that is the issue which the public should be aware of when they see that the taps are dry or the water pressure is low, Mbango noted.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia