PowerCom continues support to ICT Summit

Namibia's only tower infrastructure provider, PowerCom, has provided further sponsorship for the ICT Summit in Namibia with a financial contribution of N$50 000 for a two-year period, which has increased their total contribution since 2016 to N$150 000. PowerCom joins other corporates in partnering with the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology in sponsoring the event which is scheduled for October.

PowerCom's CEO, Alisa Amupolo, highlighted that the value the company receives from partnering with the Ministry of ICT far exceeds the monetary value contributed to the event. She also pointed out that the summit represents a platform for the ICT industry to discuss trends and challenges facing the industry, both nationally and globally. ICT industry professionals utilise this platform to showcase their ICT solutions and services, allowing PowerCom the additional benefit of connecting with these industry players.

The company believes that investment into the sector should not only be related to its core business services, but that investment should focus on supporting their entire ICT sector. This assists the Ministry of ICT to fulfill their central role as custodians of technology, to ensure that an enabling environment for ICT development and access to information for socio-economic growth is created and maintained.

PowerCom's support towards the summit is centered around the belief that the summit as a national platform brings together all local players in the industry and has the potential to harness global innovations and investment opportunities. The platform fosters innovation and gives insight on the current industry disruption and evolving ecosystem, making it a worthwhile cause, Amupolo stated.

The infrastructure utility provider states that funding is only one aspect of their obligations to the wider industry and has taken the podium since last year, helping to shape the industry agenda through the programme keynotes. PowerCom was able to showcase the local industry demands, opportunities and challenges, and it remains the company's aim to continue assisting the wider industry in this manner.

Amupolo credits involvement in the summit to date with increased brand awareness. PowerCom's role in the market has been showcased, establishing new leads and boosting stakeholders' confidence. Amupolo is also keen to encourage companies inside and outside the ICT sector to become involved in the summit, pointing out that their roles in the ICT industry value chain would broaden their reach to an influential local and global ICT audience.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia