President João Lourenço stresses importance of construction sector

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Angolan President João Lourenço stressed Tuesday the importance of the construction and regional planning sector in building infrastructures to benefit the population.

The statements were made at the inauguration of the new Secretary of State for Urbanism and Housing, Manuel André da Costa Canguezeze, appointed Monday by presidential decree.

The Angolan Head of State highlighted the importance of the sector, since it is linked to the construction of infrastructures, such as roads, bridges and housing, which defines housing policies, "an essential asset for low-income populations.

"We hope that with this appointment and swearing in can help the holder of the portfolio to succeed in the mission he has been carrying out for some time," the president said.

The Ministry of Public Works, Urbanism and Housing (MINOPUH) is the auxiliary body of the Holder of Executive Power, which is responsible for proposing the formulation of policies, executing and controlling the programmes and projects of the Executive in the areas of its activity.

Source: Angola Press News Agency (APNA)