Priest, dying man dialogue ending

Windhoek-Theatre lovers still have the opportunity to enjoy and watch an interesting stage play about the dialogue between a priest and a dying man, which will soon end at the Theatre School.

The play has been staged for three nights since Wednesday and resulted from a collaboration between the College of the Arts (COTA) and the Theatre School.

Township Production brought the play to the stage after successfully hosting their last theatre production: Madam President in July.

Dialogue between the Priest and the Dying man is the second theatre production they have staged through collaborative and experimental initiatives of theatre practitioners, and interest groups.

These kinds of projects attempt to create platforms for artists to create and stage productions through their own effort and desires. This is despite the lack of production funding, production promoter Steven Afrikaner says.

They believe the availability of funds has facilitated theatre and arts for many years, but in these times of financial crises, they are aiming to challenge and reverse the dependency syndrome.

In the play, the dying man exploits the visits of the priest to challenge the principal views of the church; the divinity of Christ, original sin, propitiatory sacrifice, and everything one cannot justify in rational terms.

Through the discussions that ensue, the Priest feels challenged by the urge to surrender to nature.

Brother, I was created by nature with the strongest of appetites and the strongest passions, and was put on this earth with the sole purpose of pacifying both.

The dying man, who ends up embroiled in a heated discussion with the priest who is paying him a home visit, utters these words.

In his undying conviction that any soul is worth saving from sin, the priest is on a quest to offer the dying man a last chance to repent.

However, he finds himself in a precarious situation that leaves him soul searching his own position regarding his religious conviction.

The Marquis de Sade wrote the original script of the play, and well-known Namibian actor and theatre director David Ndjavera directed the play.

The actors include Adriano Visagie (Dying Man) and Denzel Naobeb (Priest), while Keamogetsi Joseph Molapong from Township Productions takes care of production duties.

Additionally, Thabiso Dube from COTA handles the graphics and Steven Afrikaner takes care of performance promotion and marketing for the production.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia