Private Portfolio – Welcome to the Real World

Over the last few months I gained some first hand exposure to what it means, financially speaking, to become old and frail.
Much has already been said and written on this subject and there are many campaigns aloof to raise awareness of the financial implications of going into retirement and that this retirement can become a lengthy one.
Unfortunately it seems a feature of our human nature to address the many possible negative situations one may face in future with the attitude that this event will not happen to me or that it is too far in future to contemplate at all.
This attitude does help to maintain a positive outlook on life instead of just fretting about all things that may go wrong and thereby forget to live.
However, when one does get confronted with the reality then the coin drops but it may be just a little too late.
For this reason I like to share some of my recent experiences. Having spent some time visiting old age homes and frail care centres and having listened to conversations amongst the folk that reside or visited there, a few issues were hammered home again.