Project for disabled hits brick wall

Khorixas � The Hope and Rise Disability Project at Khorixas is struggling as it has not had certain material to get off the ground since 2014.

We have pleaded for assistance for clothing material, a table and other things that can be used for sewing so that we can resume our project. We started this project to change our livelihood as we will get an income, said Rosa !Ganes, 46, who was born disabled.

Hope and Rise Disability Project was started in 2012 and initially was supported by the USA embassy, which gave it a cash donation that was used to buy sewing, carpentry and welding machines, as well as material, amongst others.

The project is intended as an income-generating business, namely, sewing, welding, carpentry and handicraft. The project has twenty members who took part in the income-generating businesses but regarding the sewing part women are said to have deserted the project as they demanded to be paid every month.

When the (USA) embassy assisted we used to sew bedding sheets, dresses as well as other things but now we are at a standstill, !Ganes, a mother of two children aged seven and eleven years, said.

!Ganes said once the project runs smoothly the disabled will be assisted when there is a funeral in the family or when they experience problems. Lack of a building to host the project is also a challenge and the sewing machines as well as the steamer and industrial iron are at !Ganes' house.

The project was based in a building in King Justus //Garoeb's house but was moved to the hospital before it was relocated to !Ganes' house.We also need a bigger place to move as space is important for cutting material on the table. This project changed our lives, !Ganes said.

Another member of the project , Dorothea //Awases, who become disabled at a young age due to polio said residents who want their clothes to be fixed or want a dress to be sewn can go to !Ganes' house.

//Awases said: That way members can get N$20 or N$50 and help themselves such as to buy electricity.

The project members have also been appealing to the Khorixas Town Council for a donation and they even approached Khorixas constituency offices for years without any assistance.

Currently its membership stands at 49 and is open to any person with a disability.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia