Prosper Africa will boost US, Africa trade and investment: Johnson

Through Prosper Africa, the American government is helping to unleash the entrepreneurial spirit of Americans and African nations like never before said, US ambassador, Lisa Johnson.

In a media briefing on Friday, Johnson said the companies have been asking the US government to make it easier to access its trade and investment support service.

Prosper Africa answer this call by providing a one-stop shop that makes a full range of services available to US and African businesses and investors, she said.

Prosper Africa is a US government initiative to sustainably increase two-way trade and investment between the US and Africa, which unlocks opportunities to do business in Africa, benefiting companies, investors and workers both in Africa and the US.

Johnson said Prosper Africa will help advance Americans and Africa prosperity and security, supporting jobs and demonstrating superior value of transparent markets and private enterprises for driving growth.

With six of the ten fastest growing economies in the world and over one billion consumers, Africa is poised to play a pivotal role in the global economy. Meanwhile, producers in Africa see a US consumer market of more than 300 million people that already has purchasing power US. Dollars 300 trillion; the largest in the world, she said.

She said this is a great opportunity adding that American companies not only bring significant capital, innovation and proven solution but, also adhere to higher standard of transparency, quality and social responsibility.

She added that a greater connection between African private sectors and the US will expand the market for US good and services and contribute more self-reliant, prosperous and stable African countries

The ambassador said prosper Africa chose to boost trade and investment to support jobs in the US and Africa, strengthen bilateral ties with African partners, grow the middle class of Africa and supporting African partner sates in enhancing good governance, rule of law and transparent fair commercial practices.

Johnson said Prosper Africa will build on the already US government robust presence in Africa and US agencies working together, to modernise and synchronise US capabilities and efforts, facilitate transactions and foster fair and accessible business climate and robust financial sector.

Source: Namibia Press Agency