Public safety sector gets third largest share of National Budget

The Public Safety Sector got the third largest share of the national budget allocations, totaling N.dollars 13.1 billion or 20.6 percent of the total allocation of about N.dollars 72.8 billion for the 2020/2021 financial year.

The allocation of the Public Safety Sector underpins the country’s investment in maintenance of law and order, peace and stability.

This was publicly announced by Finance Minister Ipumbu Shiimi during his speech in respect of the 2020/2021 financial year on Wednesday in the National Assembly.

According to the Finance Minister, the Ministry of Home Affairs, Safety and Security receives N.dollars 5.95 billion, 9.3 percent of the total allocation.

The Ministry of Defence and Veterans Affairs is allocated N.dollars 6.2 billion, about 9.7 percent of the total allocation.

The Judiciary receives N.dollars 375.7 million and the Ministry of Justice is allocated N.dollars 480.7 million while the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) receives N.dollars 61.6 million to support activities to fight corruption in the country.

Source: Namibia Press Agency