Public should cooperate with the police: Shikwambi

Nampol spokesperson Chief Inspector Kauna Shikwambi warns the public to refrain from assaulting, undermining or threatening police officers while executing their duties.

In a statement issued on Monday, Shikwambi said there was a series of reported incidents this weekend where police officers were assaulted and injured by members of the public while on duty.

A police officer was on assaulted and seriously injured by a member of the public with a pool table stick last week Thursday in Rundu.

She said this is cannot be tolerated and therefore the Nampol is asking the public to corporate with law enforcement at all times.

Our emphasis has been and continues to say, the public must cooperate when approached by law enforcement enforcers. Fighting, threatening, injuring and undermining the officers in the execution of their duties serves no purpose, it is a wrong approach which in most cases always turn out to be disastrous, she said.

Shikwambi referenced the incidents were two members of the public lost their lives during Operation Kalahari Desert, which she said these incidents are regrettable, however, they could be avoided should the victims cooperated with the officers who only intended to effect lawful arrest.

She added that public must know that the officers does not and cannot and should not affect arrests for nothing, but surely there must always be a contravention of the law.

She said if members of the public feel the officer are not properly executing the arrests, they should address the problems at police stations and the commanders are informed.

Kauna added that the public must also be discouraged from inciting violence, and supporting offenders during arrests, they seriously contribute to non-cooperation by offenders.

Source: Namibia Press Agency