Rambler – Let’s Take the Piss [column]

All of a sudden Swapo’s high and mighty see the need to criss-cross the country and ‘consult’ with their unthinking members about their ill-fated rape of the Constitution.

The sudden awakening of our political class to amend the constitution, hush the civil society and woo voters, so close to the election, makes me wonder what a real satirist would do with this rich material at their disposal.

Satire could help us understand the issues of the day, shed a light on issues not highlighted by the mainstream media and expose angles not in the public eye, especially in an election year. Political satire helps us to laugh at ourselves and put a human face (sometimes a donkey’s arse is more appropriate) on our high and mighty political gods. It tells us when our dear leader becomes Mugabe’s attack dog or that Hage and Sacky are decimating the pillars that our republic stands on. They help us with clever wordplay and humour. It shows us how Kandishishi could become a word that means so much more than just “I don’t know”.

Maybe a real satirist would describe our current political discourse as street dogs revisiting their barf and feasting on it and the vomit just lay there happy that it’s eaten.

No, I’m not being kinky.

We really need more people taking the piss and in so doing show the public the truth behind the clumsy last minute manoeuvring of our political rulers.

The Rambler is sometimes called a satirist but cannot qualify as one. This poor bastard is too angry about too many things. If the mad rants of a delusional old fart could be called satire, we are in deeper shit than I initially thought.

The monthly ‘Free Your Mind’ comedy events also don’t qualify as satire. They have a fondness for f*ckface jokes, what women of certain tribes are like in bed, whatever material they can pillage from overseas comics and toilet humour (yes, actual humour about the toilet). When they had Lazarus Jacobs’ cringe-fest which they called a ‘roast’, they were more interested in poking fun at his physical appearance than actually roasting him.

Of course there are (for what seems an eternity) Lazarus Jacobs and Neville Basson, but the routines of these leading lights of our comedy stage have become humdrum.

Even these two once fine comedians can only do so many tribal or race-based jokes before we ask what the point is.

And then there is Lazarus’ ties to the ruling party. Of course, he’s never seen a BEE deal he didn’t like and his satire show just before the last election saw him scorching RDP, especially former Swapo lackey and the mathematically disabled former Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) director, Fillemon Kanime. But he was very gentle on Swapo, ignoring material obviously ripe for the plucking. The man surely knows which side his bread is buttered.

If he’s going to have a similar show before this year’s election, I hope it’s less Chris Rock and more Lazarus Jacobs.

Our art shouldn’t reflect our stomach driven politics. It should thrive on courage.

But it’s easy to disparage those with the mettle to stand on a stage and take the piss.

We need more voices.

While newspapers publish local cartoons and regular satirical or comedy columns, some thoughtful and fearless, it is other media that ignore this genre at their peril.

We need to laugh at ourselves and our similarities before we start killing each other over our perceived differences.

Why is it that the many private radio stations give us nothing but American and South African music and rip their local news from newspapers? Their local content mainly comprises of blowjobs for aertisers.

I cringe every time I hear a foreign comedian on our radio. These stations ain’t loyal.

Try a bit of observation and add a bit of hyperbole, irony or sarcasm to it. Just 120 seconds of the topical issues of the day. Or give local comedians a slot to help us introspect and poke fun at ourselves. But it’s easier to download Ellen DeGeneres or Whackhead Simpson free from the internet. It doesn’t matter if their material doesn’t resonate here as long as you have 180 seconds to fill the air, ne?

Lazy bastards! Apparently Namibians are so besotted with these comedians that many stations have a clip right after the 17h00 news every day with no local voice ever aired.

What are our radio stations really good for? To make massive amounts of money for their scaredy-cat owners? Come on! Show that you have some balls.

Maybe Lazarus can use his considerable muscle to come down on these assholes and insist on more quality local content as Communications Regulatory Authority of Namibia (CRAN) chairman. Yes, no one gives a toss about conflict of interest in Namibia, so go on Laz, make my day.

Now, imagine NBC TV had a good quality satire show. There are so many possible formats. It would definitely be better than the poorly constructed ‘fashion’ programmes NBC staff’s children are allowed to air.

But NBC didn’t even have the stomach for a media review show, why would they air anything that’s not an unadulterated blowjob for government and Swapo?

Source : The Namibian