Rare 1979 interview with Sam Nujoma

Q: Comrade President, the British government on the 25th July, announced that it was appointing what was called a senior diplomatic negotiator on the question of Namibia, with the South African racists. What is the attitude of Swapo to this new initiative?

A: Well, as far as Swapo of Namibia and the struggling people of Namibia are concerned, there is no more question of negotiations or talks or reopening the talks with regard to Namibia's decolonisation from South African fascist colonial oppression and occupation. What is left out now really is the implementation of Security Council Resolution 435, of September 1978, where the Resolution speaks for itself. First, it says there

should be a ceasefire, and Swapo of Namibia is ready to sign a ceasefire with the racist South Africa and also we are prepared to fight the elections and there is no doubt that Swapo will sweep all the seats. We are aware of the fact that there is no single Namibian who will vote for the continued illegal occupation, oppression and exploitation of the Boer fascist regime in Namibia. All Namibians want to be free and therefore they will vote for Swapo, which is fighting for freedom and independence of Namibia.

Q: Comrade President, given the fact that the racists have organised their own elections in Namibia, in defiance of the United Nations and even went further to create the so-called Constituent Assembly, does comrade President think that it is still possible now to implement Resolution 435?

A: Well, the bogus elections which took place on the 4th of December was condemned, rejected and declared null and void by Swapo and the international community. Therefore the so-called Constituent Assembly, which came into being as a result of the bogus elections on the 4th of December certainly has to be dissolved and after, and only after, elections supervised and controlled by the UN will the Namibian people form their National Assembly which of course will be constituted by members who stood for the elections � genuine election supervised by and controlled by the UN. Therefore, the Turnhalle puppets have to go with their Boer masters. Swapo, therefore, does not expect any negotiations. Swapo will only participate in the implementation of Security Council Resolution 435.

Q: Why have the racists denied that the so-called Constituent Assembly is a Unilateral Declaration of Independence (UDI)?

A: Well, in fact there are plots being carried out by imperialists and their clients in South Africa. All this process of bogus

elections in December, in defiance of resolutions and decisions of the UN General Assembly and Security Council, are aimed at imposing a neo-colonialist solution in Namibia - but due to the vigilance and political consciousness of the Namibian people they have intensified the armed liberation struggle through their vanguard, Swapo and People's

Liberation Army of Namibia (Plan) - the military wing of Swapo, thus making it difficult for the enemy to impose a puppet regime on the Namibian people. We are therefore determined to intensify the resistance against imperialist plots and conspiracies against Namibia and its people. We have frustrated the enemy's diabolical policies and schemes of bantustans and 'homelands', similar to those of Transkei and Bophuthatswana in South Africa itself. The enemy intends first to create a bantustan in northern Namibia and then to be followed by the so-called Nama bantustan, Okavango

bantustan, Caprivi bantustan, Herero bantustan, etc.

But all these diabolical schemes have been frustrated by the political opposition to the regime and its puppets as well as the intensification of [the] armed liberation struggle. We have resolved to fight and free our country and our people, if there is no genuine effort towards a negotiated settlement leading Namibia to freedom and independence, which our people decide for themselves.

Q: Speaking about the policies of the racists in Namibia, as attempts are now being made to say that apartheid is being removed by means of various proclamations and decrees by both [administrator-general Marthinus] Steyn and the co-called Constituent Assembly in Namibia, could you maybe say what is the reality of the situation in Namibia now?

A: As a matter of fact, Swapo and the people of Namibia do not seek reforms in the colonial repressive system of oppression, but are fighting completely to liquidate the illegal occupationist forces of the Pretoria fascist regime. We do not accept any reforms in the repressive laws, we seek to completely remove them and substitute these colonial institutions with the people's government. A government that will serve the interest of all the Namibians irrespective of their colour, race or places of origin.

Q: Recently there has been a mass arrest of Swapo members, leaders and supporters. What is the aim of this campaign?

A: Well, the aim of the racist Pretoria regime is to suppress the popular political aspirations of the Namibian people towards genuine freedom and independence. That is why the regime has embarked upon repressive laws proclaiming Martial Law, through which it empowers its soldiers, para-military police and so-called security forces to arrest,

massacre and torture leaders, supporters and members of Swapo. But all these repressive measures will never deter the Namibian people from continuing with the struggle for the overthrow of the most hated fascist colonial regime in Namibia. The war of national liberation will continue with intensity until we score the final victory over the forces of darkness and death.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia