RDP voices concern over farm murders

Windhoek: The Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP) president JeremiaNambinga has added his voice in condemning the recent spate of murders of commercial farmers.

“The recent murder of commercial farmers outside Okahandja and Grootfontein is barbaric, and indeed primitive … in a democratic society like ours,” the RDP president said in a media release.

He called on government to do everything in its power to prevent the further loss of life through robbery and senseless killing.

“Peace and tranquillity is what is needed in Namibia so as to allow our nation to build a better future for everyone,” said Nambinga, who is the new president of the former official opposition party.

“In order for the country to build a harmonious nation we need each other and we need peace rather than violence,” he added.

He said armed robbery or any other criminal activities will not develop the country nor will they benefit anyone.

“As a nation we should not allow our country to be turned into a state of chaos, murder and lawlessness,” he added.

Nambinga said criminals must not be allowed to kill innocent citizens as they please, adding that it is the responsibility of law enforcement agencies to guarantee the safety and security of all citizens.

“No citizen must feel unsafe and insecure in the land of the brave,” he said.

Nambinga said robbery, murder and violence remind him of only one thing – and that is the dark chapter in the history of Namibia.

“Namibia was under the colonial apartheid system during which time innocent civilians were murdered by unknown gunmen under the cover of darkness and in most cases such criminals were never brought to book,” he said.

He said Namibia cannot afford to move backwards but must move forward with determination and progress.

“Every Namibian is obliged by our democratic constitution to uphold peace, harmony and social justice,” he added.

The RDP president said commercial farmers play a crucial role in contributing to the gross domestic product (GDP) and create much needed employment.

“Whoever has carried out those murders must realise that they are sabotaging not only the growth of our economy but also employment opportunities for our people.”