Recycled paper makes life in a shack easier

Team members Jon Cline, Emily Fournier, Emily Domingue, and Marco Villar have just won an award for their work with local charity, Men on the Side of the Road, to develop an insulation solution for low cost shelters.A tin shack, or more popularly known as a kambashu, is not the most elegant and comfortable abode. In summer it becomes unbearably hot inside, while in winter it turns into a very big refrigerator. In an effort to develop a low-cost easy-to-make insulation material to stabilise the temperature inside a shack, a group of students from the USA tackled a project in conjunction with Men on the Side of the Road, to develop insulation material from recycled paper. This project has just been awarded for innovation and excellence.

In March 2012 a group of international students from Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) in the United States worked with members of the ‘Men on the Side of the Road’ (MSR) project to develop a low cost insulation material made from 100% recycled paper and sawdust.
On 25 January this year, their project received the Worcester Polytechnic Institute’s prestigious ‘President’s IQP Award.’  Against a strong field of contenders who submitted their work from projects conducted all over the world, the award recognizes the student teams whose Interactive Qualifying Project has been judged outstanding in focusing on the relationships among science, technology and the needs of society.