Regional and local authorities must spearhead socio-economic development: Andjaba

Minister in the Precedency, Martin Andjaba says regional and local authorities are extensions of central government and are therefore expected to spearhead, at regional and local levels, the creation of a conducive environment for socio-economic development.

Andjaba made these remarks whilst officially opening the second edition of the Oshipe Annual Trade Fair at Oshikuku in the Omusati Region on Tuesday.

He pointed out that regional and local governments should spearhead socio-economic development in collaboration with various stakeholders, including the business community.

Events such as Oshipe, Andjaba said, are critical as they provide an opportunity for towns to market and showcase their developmental and investment opportunities.

These platforms also provide small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and investors at different levels with necessary exposure that would allow them to identify the economic potential of the towns and the prospective areas of investment, stated Andjaba.

He went on to say it is at platforms such as Oshipe, new business ventures are created and diversify their business operations and thereby creating more employment opportunities, especially for the youth.

The more job opportunities are created at regional and local levels, the less migration of our youth to urban centres where they in some cases end up braving hostile conditions in search of a better life, Andjaba cited.

Oshipe at the same time provides people with the opportunity to showcase their culture, tradition and values as part of their identity.

Oshikuku Town Council's public relations officer, John Siloiso told the media on the sidelines of the Oshipe official opening event that a total of 73 exhibitors, including corporate, SMEs, kapana, governmental institutions and farmers, are participating in the fair.

Oshipe is to recognise our tradition of celebrating a new harvest, Siloiso noted. The 2019 Oshipe started on Monday and will end up on Saturday.

Source: Namibia Press Agency