Registered voters total 1,3 million

The Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN), through a media statement issued yesterday, announced that 123 448 new voters have registered to participate in this year's Presidential and National Assembly elections slated for 27 November.

The statement, signed by Chief Electoral and Referenda Officer, Theo Mujoro, confirms that the ECN has completed the voters roll after no objections were received from the public when it was displayed for scrutiny between 02 and 06 September this year.

The statement reads that 271 193 eligible voters' registered in the supplementary registration of voters conducted by ECN between the 8th and 27th July 2019, of whom 123 448 are new applicants, while 147 745 were voters making correction to their details.

In total, the number of registered voters in Namibia has increased from 1 235 020 million, when the supplementary voters' registration process begun, to 1 358 468 million when it was completed.

Born frees or people born from 1990 upwards make up 403 106 of the total voter's roll or 29.7 per cent of the voters roll, according to the information provided by the ECN.