Rehoboth Town Council face challenges with refuse removal

The Rehoboth Town Council acknowledge that there is a challenge with household and business waste removal and said complaints are lodged in this regard by residents and upon investigations it was found that some are false claims.

A statement availed to Nampa said the RTC and refuse removal contractors are hard at work to remove waste as per the operational plan.

RTC appealed to residents to take note of the weekly refuse removal programme to ensure removal of their waste as per the scheduled and urged the residents to put their household waste outside their yards for removal on the specific dates as per the plan.

The statement further called on residents to report refuse that have not been removed to the Health Division at the RTC.

The statement also drew attention to refuse heaps around town and said it is as a result of illegal dumping of waste by residents and despite warnings and detrimental effects, these illegal refuse heaps poses health hazards to the community.

According to the statement measures to alleviate and curb illegal dumping are put in place and will commence in due course and said the RTC in the process to procure skip containers that will be placed at strategic areas, where illegal dumping of waste is more prominent.

It further said the skip containers will be cleaned regularly by the refuse contractor, Frontier Multi Industries, hence the RTC appeals to residents to use the containers and refrain from illegal dumping.

In conclusion the statement said RTC will announce clean-up operations in due course and called on the community to participate and assist in keeping the town and surrounding environment clean.

RTC warned that persons found guilty of illegal dumping will be fined an amount of N.dollars 3 500 as per the Gazetted Tariffs of the RTC.

Source: Namibia Press Agency