Remembering September 11, Africavenir Presents ‘Machuca’

CONSIDERED to be among the top 20 of great Latin American cinema over the last two decades, Andres Wood’s ‘Machuca’ was originally screened at Directors Fortnight at Cannes in 2004.

It won a Special Mention award at the same festival, and became the official Chilean selection for the foreign language Academy Award in 2004.

With the exclusive screening of this film, AfricAvenir wants to highlight great cinema cultures from around the world. “As this is such a great movie and Latin American cinema finds it equally challenging as African cinema to break through to main markets globally, we decided on this superb cinematic product, in the month of September, in which Chile remembers the wounds of the past, forgotten by the majority around the globe,” says AfricAvenir’s Hans-Christian Mahnke.

Set in Chile in 1973, ‘Machuca’ is an astonishingly intimate and painful coming-of-age story about a pair of 12-year-old boys from opposite extremes of society who form an unlikely friendship during the last days of President Allende and the first days of Pinochet. The potent events are accompanied by a searingly beautiful soundtrack with heart-stopping beats that propel the drama of the story.

There is no separating the personal from the political in ‘Machuca’. This film’s determination to tell a story of profound societal dislocation in intensely human terms favours neither part of the equation.

‘Machuca’ will be screened at the FNCC on Wednesday, 9 September, at 18h30. Entrance is N$20.

Source : The Namibian