Repeaters advised to use private colleges

Ongwediva-The permanent secretary of Education, Arts and Culture Sanet Steenkamp says Grade 10 and 12 repeaters that failed to secure space at Namcol can also make use of private learning institutions.

Steenkamp said while government subsidises Namcol in order to offer cheaper tutorials there are several institutions registered with the Ministry of Education to offer tutorials for Grade 10 and Grade 12 repeaters.

Currently Windhoek alone has 12 registered and approved private tutorial and examination centres registered to offer lessons for Grade 10 and Grade 12.

However, a number of people are on the verge of being turned away from Namcol, as they do not have any form of income and most of their parents are unemployed, hence they cannot afford expensive private colleges.

Some of these tutorial centres charge up to N$15,000 or more. Some prospective entrants believe government needs to increase funding to Namcol, to enable them to enrol at the most affordable institution, according to the students.

Steenkamp, however, maintained that Namcol can accommodate a larger number of students, if they opt to register for subjects other than what they had sat for in previous exams.

For example, some students were never taught business management at school but when they realised that it was one of a few available subjects at Namcol, they registered for it and passed, Steenkamp explained.

Additionally if one did not get space at Namcol it should not be seen as the end of the world, as they can try to register at Namcol next year. She said though that government is not responsible for adult learners and repeaters that are above the age of 21.

She said young people below the age of 17 that fail Grade 10 are always accepted back in formal school and those that manage to pass Grade 10 at Namcol before the age of 21 are also accepted back and can continue from Grade 11 onwards.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia