Research Commission Signs Agreement With NSA

THE National Commission on Research, Science and Technology (NCRST) and the Namibia Statistics Agency (NSA) signed a Memorandum of Understanding yesterday, detailing mutual areas of cooperation.

The Memorandum of Understanding was signed at the opening ceremony of the national NCRST and NEPAD training workshop on African Science, Technology and Innovation Indicators (ASTII), held at the Polytechnic Hotel School.

Currently, there are no official statistics to present the country’s position on research, science, technology and innovation, and since the NCRST is the custodian for research in Namibia, it is expected to provide statistics and indicators as they are vital in the formulation of policy and decision-making.

The NCRST has thus partnered with NSA, the custodian for statistics in Namibia through the collection, production, analysing and disseminating official and other statistics in Namibia, achieve common national goals.

“We are proud to partner with the Namibia Statistics Agency. This partnership would facilitate the establishment of a national research, science, technology and innovation information management system. This will serve as a source and repository of information that is relevant to science, technology and innovation related matters.

“It would also foster the application of the data to understand the state of the National Innovation System in order to support the development of evidence-based policy as well as constructive feedback to all stakeholders in research, science, technology and innovation”, said Dr Eino Mvula, chief executive officer of the NCRST.

Source : The Namibian