Resident of leafy suburb busted with pot

WALVIS BAY - It appears the use of dagga for 'medicinal' use appears to be on the increase at the coast with yet another coastal resident at the leafy suburb of Meersig busted with pot.

The Walvis Bay resident - the second in recent weeks was arrested earlier after a cannabis plant was discovered at his residence in Meersig.

Police said the suspect, Robert Werner Dittmer was found in possession of three bankies of cannabis as well as a dagga plant. The dagga weighed 614 grams and is estimated to be worth N$ 6140.

Dittmer made his first court appearance on Thursday in the Walvis Bay Magistrates court where he was granted bail of N$8000.

His case was postponed to May 08, 2019 for further investigation.

Nampol also arrested another person on Wednesday for cannabis possession along Kabeljou Street in Kuisebmond.

The 24-year-old suspect Shandre Huslund was arrested after he was found with 334 grams of cannabis estimated at N$3440.

About two weeks ago Nampol also arrested Cheryl Green and Thillo Tietz in Swakopmund and Henties Bay respectively for cultivating cannabis plants, which resulted in a public outcry to legalise the use of cannabis for medicinal use.

Both Green and Tietz whom are currently out on bail indicated that they merely planted cannabis to treat Green's husband who suffered from ALS and Tietz who suffers from epilepsy.

Cannabis contains chemicals that may help in treating a range of illnesses and symptoms and many has argued that it should be legalised at least for medicinal purposes, which was done by the South African government. However, in the case of Namibia the use of cannabis is prohibited and critics of the drug insist Namibia should not follow the route of countries that have decriminalised dagga.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia