Rio Tinto Searching for Copper in Kavango

THE Ministry of Mines and Energy recently granted three exclusive prospective licence to Rio Tinto Mining and Exploration, a Namibian registered company, to explore for copper in the Kavango Region.

The licences are EPL 5606, EPL 5607 and EPL 5608. “All three are valid for three years, which is effective from 25 June 2014 to 24 June 2017. At the moment, we are not aware of any proven reserves in the area and that can only be confirmed once a detailed exploration has been conducted,” said Ten Hasheela, Chief Public Relations Officer yesterday.

Hasheela said there are currently 14 EPL’s granted to different companies in the Kavango region, which are issued for different commodities ranging from base and rare metals, precious metals, industrial minerals, precious stones and non-nuclear fuel.

Melissa Shanjengange, General Manager Organisational resources at Roumlssing Uranium told The Namibian yesterday that Rio Tinto has reached an agreement with a company called H Sands to explore for base metals in their prospecting licence area in the Rundu district.

“This is a very early stage exploration to understand more about the likelihood of base metals present in the area. I would emphasise that no resources have been discovered and there are certainly no plans for a mine to be developed,” Shanjengange said.

Source : The Namibian