Rotary Launches Cycle Classic Project

Rotary Club Windhoek (RCW) on Thursday launched the 2014 edition of its main community fundraiser, The Namibian Pick ‘n Pay Cycle Classic.

Rotary was founded in the United States in 1905 as the world’s first volunteer service organisation and since then it has expanded rapidly, with more than 1,2 million Rotarians now serving all over the world.

RCW was established in Namibia in 1953 and since then six more clubs have been established, which support people in need and run community service projects countrywide.

The president of RCW, Stefan Schultheiss said that Rotarians the world over shared a common value of giving back to their communities.

“What attracts us to Rotary is the fact that the organisation draws together like-minded individuals. Men and women who prize and resultantly place service above self,” he said.

This year’s Cycle Classic will take place on October 12 and 13 and according to Schultheiss they were planning some innovations for the event.

“The Cycle Classic attracts a high number of spectators, so we also went to give non-cyclists something to enjoy. As a drawcard, we will expand the exposition facet and introduce a market place whereby other community service organisations will have a chance to share their activities with the public.”

This year’s event will take place on 11 and 12 October and will start and finish at the Doc Jubber Hockey Grounds in Olympia.

According to the chairman of Windhoek Pedal Power (WPP), Leander Borg, they were hoping to attract up to 2 000 cyclists for this year’s event.

“The Cycle Classic is open to young and old, male and female, so you are encouraged to enter this family fun event. We have the capacity to cope with 2 000 entries this year.”

Borg encouraged people to register electronically, but entry forms will also be available at all cycling shops in Windhoek.

The mountain bike race will take place on the morning of Saturday, 11 October, with the Kiddies Classic following in the afternoon. The main road bike race will take place on Sunday morning.

The president of the Namibian Cycling Federation Mannie Heymans said the Cycling Classic held a special place in his heart and that it had helped many newcomers to competitive cycling launch their careers. He congratulated RCW on their good work, saying that the Cycle Classic generated funds to support community projects throughout Namibia.

“The Cycle Classic is an avenue for cyclists, including those like me who are engaged at a leadership level in the administration of Namibia’s fastest growing sport, to support a fundraising activity that will help people in need all over our country.”

He said the longstanding relationship between WPP and RCW was a win-win relationship for both, and encouraged other sporting disciplines to emulate it.

“Rotary raises funds from sponsorship and from the exposition that is part of the overall event. The money is then used to fund community service projects and programmes. In turn, WPP retains the registration fee that the entrants pay, using those funds to develop cycling as a sport. Additionally, to invest in equipment that make competitive events held here in Namibia, rank on a par with any cycling race at an international level,” he said.

Source : The Namibian