RP supporting Itula for presidential race

The Republican Party (RP) is supporting an independent presidential candidate Panduleni Itula for the presidential race in the upcoming November election, said RP president Henk Mudge.

Speaking at the press briefing in the capital on Thursday, Mudge said RP withdrew from the presidential race and support Itula but the party will run for the National Assembly elections.

Considering our chances, this country needs a new leader and we have decided to put our weight behind Itula. The country is in trouble and the current Harambee team and it friends including Chinese looted billions, the RP leader said.

This decision was discussed at all party levels and we have already spoken to Itula earlier he was very happy to hear this, Mudge said.

Mudge called for people to get rid of the current government adding alluded that the fish rot from its head referring to the current Namibia economy.

Futhermore, RP will be taking the Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) to court if EVMs are going to be used in this election.

According to Mudge, the ECN promise to buy paper trails but yet they don't have and can be manipulated.

We will take the matter to court, he assured.

The RP president further that RP has been fighting the use of EVMs in previous elections with other opposition parties but other parties withdrew.

It was only us (RP), RDP, SWANU and APP who remained out of 14 political parties in the court challenge and again these parties are complaining about EVMs, he alluded.

Source: Namibia Press Agency