Rugby League to Finish Without Headline Sponsor

Namibia Rugby Union (NRU) Chief Executive Officer, Sybrand de Beer, yesterday disclosed that the Union has decided to conclude this season’s premier league proceedings without a headline sponsor and rather focus on the sponsorship issue only next season after all their efforts proved futile.

De Beer conceded that it was not easy task to run league activities without a financial backer, as the already financially-crippled Union had to singlehandedly cater for clubs traveling expenses and other minor costs that comes along with running major league affairs.

Since the withdrawal of MTC as main sponsor of the country’s rugby premiership in 2012, clubs have been forced to carry their own financial burdens, such as catering for their accommodation costs whenever they travel to other towns for league matches.

But despite the financial woes, de Beer remains steadfast and is confident the NRU will secure a sponsor for the country’s elite rugby league before the start of the new season.

As on previous occasions, de Beer urged all clubs plying their trade in the premier league to start seeking ways and means to keep themselves up and running, rather than to rest on their laurels, waiting to be spoon-fed by the Union.

Source : New Era