Rundu council’s eviction attempt fails

Chaos erupted yesterday along Cuma Road in Rundu when hundreds of illegal settlers prevented the messenger of the court from handing over an eviction notice.

The illegal settlers, who have settled along Cuma Road, refused to allow messenger of the court Daniel Grobbelaar and his employees to hand over the notice informing that they have to vacate the area.

The situation nearly got out of hand when Grobbelaar and his employees allegedly started removing poles from one of the plots and people armed themselves with machetes and sticks to attack the workers.

Members of the Namibian Police Force and the Namibian Defence Force who were on the scene had to intervene.

The group's spokesperson, Berthold Wakudumo told Grobbelaar they will not move until a meeting is held with the council to resolve the matter amicably.

Approached for comment on the matter, Rundu Town Council Acting Chief Executive Officer, Herman Haingura said the council had various meetings with the committee representing the group, where the group was told to vacate the area.

Source: Namibia Press Agency