Rundu extends CEO’s suspension

Rundu-The Rundu Town Council has extended the suspension of its chief executive officer Romanus Haironga by two more months.

Haironga was suspended on June 30 for allegations of meddling in ongoing investigations into irregularities at the council. [Haironga's] suspension has been extended for another two months. The council is still compiling the charges that will eventually lead to a hearing. After formulating the charges, [the] council will serve him the charges so that he can prepare for his defence before the hearing, where the council will present their case, said Mathews Naironga, the acting CEO of Rundu Town Council.

When contacted for comment Haironga, who is on suspension with full pay, told New Era he is still waiting to hear from the town council on what is the next step forward.

Naironga would not comment on what are the specific charges, saying: I cannot divulge more information at this point but the CEO is also waiting to be served with the charges.

In May this year the Rundu Town Council mayor Verna Sinimbo appointed a private investigator Linus Neumbo of Neumbo Private Detectives Agency to investigate alleged corrupt practices against Haironga and other council officials.

Last month the council also suspended the strategic executive for corporate services, Herman Haingura, the divisional head of technical and mechanical affairs, Leevi Kakukuru, as well as the divisional head of environmental health, Sitembikhosi Moyo.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia