Rundu open to local consumers – AMTA

Rundu: The Rundu Fresh Produce Business Hub will be having a fresh produce promotion at bargain prices today in a promotional campaign intended to inform local consumers about the types of vegetables available at the fresh hub. With this initiative the Agro-Marketing Trade Agency (AMTA), which facilitates the hub, is also encouraging individuals to support the fresh produce hub by buying vegetables at affordable prices.

Gervasius Thikusho, the marketing officer of AMTA at the Rundu fresh produce hub, said the aim of the promotion is to inform Rundu residents, as well the entire Kavango as to what the hub is all about. Thikusho says there is a perception among consumers that the fresh produce hub only sells vegetables to supermarkets or catering companies and they urgently want to correct this misconception.

“The Rundu Fresh Produce Business Hub is a market for everyone, one can come buy fresh produce even in small quantities like we usually do at our local super markets, individuals can even come through to buy two onions, they are welcome. They must not think that the hub is for shops and companies who buy fresh produce in large quantities,” Thikusho stressed.

At the hub one can find potatoes, onions, cabbages, butternut, beetroot, carrots, broccoli, rice from Kalimbeza rice project in Zambezi Region, cooking oil from Shadikongoro Green Scheme in Mukwe Constituency in Kavango East, dates, tomatoes and many other fresh local products. All the produce is sourced from local green scheme projects in the two Kavango regions, except for the rice which, is sourced from the Kalimbeza National Rice Project in the Zambezi Region.

“We want to invite the public to come and see what is happening at the hub. We want people to get away from thinking this is a market for big entities or supermarkets.

People should have a habit of coming to the hub, and what they should know is that most of the produce they find in the market are often sourced from here, so they must sometimes come here as this is all locally produced,” the marketing officer for AMTA underscored.

AMTA has commissioned three agents and three wholesale agents, who sell produce for the agency, while AMTA acts as a facilitator and finds markets for the produce, as well as serving as a market for local producers.