Rundu police concerned about housebreaking and cellphone theft

The Namibian Police Force at Rundu have expressed concern over increased cell phone theft and housebreaking at the town.

The Namibian Police Force crime investigations coordinator for the Kavango East Region, Deputy Commissioner Bonifatius Kanyetu told Nampa on Wednesday cellphone theft is becoming a big concern as it is now happening daily.

Every day now close to five or six cases of cellphone theft are being opened at our station. I do not know whether members of the public really take good care of their cellphones and keep them safe, Kanyetu said.

Members of the public he added are just walking freely and openly with the cellphones in their hands which leads to thieves grabbing and running away.

The deputy commissioner said in the same vain housebreaking at the river town is also a grave concern.

Kanyetu said residents should refrain from leaving their houses unattended and that if they do they should at least inform their neighbors that they will be away.

The police he said should also be informed in order for them to keep that particular neighborhood safe.

This problem is on the increase in Kehemu and Kaisosi settlements.

He further explained that the police are now busy investigating a case in which a woman is in custody because her son brought two stolen jackpots home.

The woman's son Kanyetu said is on the run has still not been apprehended however the mother is expected to appear in the Rundu Magistrate's Court on Thursday.