Rundu residents grapple with garbage

Rundu-Rundu acting CEO Mathews Naironga says the council is still to take care of the ever-increasing litter swamping the town and bad roads which remain an eyesore. This is especially in the recently proclaimed locations of Kehemu, Ndama, Kaisosi and Sauyemwa where most residents reside.

These locations have no proper roads and have mostly sandy roads that require 4x4s to travel. These locations also have no garbage collection services, which they dearly need as the residents end up with no choice but to throw their garbage on street corners or dig holes to bury their garbage, or burn it.

Some corners of the town look like dumping sites as the garbage is dumped there by residents who do not know what to do with their litter.

Residents of Rundu have over the years begged the council to provide them with roads that are conducive and better services like garbage collection.

The current road conditions and garbage lying uncollected, not only in the recently proclaimed locations but in most parts of the town, are derailing the town's development, argue residents.

When asked on Friday what the council plans to do to address these issues, Naironga said the council has adopted new internal procurement structures in line with the new Public Procurement Act.

Then the council will procure services for rental of equipment to maintain and construct the roads, as well as to clean illegal dumping sites. More refuse bins will also be purchased including refuse containers for residential and business properties since budget provision was made in the 2017/18 financial period, Naironga told New Era.

The members of the new internal structures were recently trained in Katima Mulilo (31 July 2017 to 4 August 2017) on the new regulations of the Public Procurement Act, and performance agreements will be signed by the new members towards the end of August 2017 to allow the council to procure services and goods, he further stated.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia