SADC Military Health Services Working Group meets in Windhoek

The acting Chief of the Namibian Defence Force Air Vice-Marshal Martin Pinehas has urged the SADC Military Health Services Working Group to improve and make progress in attending to health issues in the region.

While opening the 19th annual general meeting of SADC Inter-State Defence and Security Committee Military Health Service Working Group (ISDSC MHS) here on Wednesday, Pinehas told to the delegates to ensure that in this meeting deliberate extensively on disaster pertinent issues in the regions.

Your gathering here should be viewed as being mandatory in order to review actions taken to determine the where progress was made, identify challenges as well as strategies of discharging effective and efficient service delivery to our people in the region, he said.

Pinehas said early this year he noted a poor response to Cyclone Idai and Cyclone Kenneth from SADC, adding that these (disasters) state affairs should receive full attention in this conference to develop ways to improve the regional response to future disasters.

Given the effect of climate change, national response to emerging disasters requires new technological development and mobilisation of resources. Therefore, fundamental to the SADC Military Health Service Work Group is the achievement of a degree of preparedness and building of the resilience to enable us to respond effectively to the crisis in the region within the framework of the Inter-State Defence and Security Committee, he said.

He said the military should play a significant role in supporting national efforts to disaster preparedness and response.

He added that member states should have a common interest in upholding the security of the region; therefore they should have the responsibility to ensure that they have a combined effort to meet security challenges head-on.

The conference is will run from 23 to 25 October and is being held under the theme, disaster preparedness and response a crucial role of SADC military health.

Source: Namibia Press Agency