Sally signs MOU with Poiyah Media

Windhoek-Songstress Sally Ephraim Keya, popularly known by her stage name Boss Madam, has signed with public relations company Poiyah Media to enhance her brand name.

When [Ilke] Akwenye approached me, I immediately came on board, knowing the expertise that she holds through her company Poiyah Media. Having been in the industry for fifteen years, she understands my domain very well.

It was also based on her ten years' corporate experience to gel it with the entertainment industry and pitch a proposal, which sat well with BossMadam Production needs, says Keya.

Akwenye is the founder of Poiyah Media, which was established to cater mainly for Small Medium Enterprises that need a boost in terms of their public relations.

Being from the corporate industry, it has always been the debate about endorsing a local personality's brand with its own due to the lack of managing their reputation.

I am proud to say that through our partnership, the image of each artist will be pro-actively managed which will allow corporates to endorse them with ease, said Akwenye.

As an established artist, it is important for me to maintain an image and brand that can easily resonate with my audience and also corporates.

I was able to serve as a brand ambassador for Sanlam's road show two years ago, as well as Multichoice Namibia to mention a few, and it was through the importance of brand reputation, Keya said.

As artists we appreciate corporates boosting the music and entrepreneurship industry by supporting us. But it is just as important for us as artists to realise that our brand is just as important to corporates' reputation, mission, vision and values, she said.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia