Salt computer for roadside man

Pius Shambabi receives his personal computer from Vanessa Maresch, Business Development Manager at Salt Essential IT.Local technology firm, Salt Essential IT donated a computer to Pius Shambabi, a member of the social assistance group, Men on the Side of the Road, to enable him to study and pursue his dream of working in the computer industry.
Men on the Side of the Road (MSR), helps men to gain marketable skills to start on the path of self-sustainability and employment. MSR endeavours to connent the unemployed with job and training opportunities.This road to self-sufficiency and sustainability is assisted by companies that contribute financially or in kind.
Salt Essential IT gave Shambabi a Siemens PC to assist him in his education, internship and to help him achieve his goal of working in the IT industry. Working through the MSR project, Shambabi has worked hard to improve his own situation and to obtain a qualification at the same time.
It paid off when he was recently made an offer to work for a tertiary educational institution as part of a one-year internship. Shambabi aspires to study electrical engineering and hopes that he will one day have the opportunity to work in the IT industry.