San heading for court over property in Omaheke

The Omaheke San Development Organisation is in a legal battle with members of the Gobabis community who are leasing Erf 217, supposedly meant for the development of the San in the region.

According to the organisational development worker of the Omaheke San Development Organisation, Manfred Jacobs, no San people have been occupying the erven meant for them for the past four years.

Erf 217, house no 32, Roosevelt Street in Gobabis previously belonged to the Omaheke San Trust and after that organisation closed down the board members allegedly had an agreement to lease out the land to 'members of the public.'

New Era understands the land was leased to two individuals, Brigitte Konjore and Natasha Kapapu Haufiku, who in turn rented out the premises to members of the community.

According to Jacobs, the land belongs to the San community in the region.

"It was a place from where development of the San people in the region," said Jacobs.

"People are refusing to vacate the premises," stressed Jacobs.

This is despite the fact the lease agreement lapsed on 31 December last year, said Jacobs in a telephonic interview with New Era yesterday.

"We are hearing rumours that these people are tempering with their contracts," Jacobs alleged.

"Kindly be advised that our client has a valid lease agreement until the 31st of December 2016 with the Omaheke San Trust in respect of Erf 217, House no. 32, Roosevelt Street, Gobabis. In the premises we take strong exception to your letter addressed to our client ordering her to leave the premises. Kindly note that our client has no intention of renewing the lease agreement, however, we shall insist on staying in the premises until the contract expires," reads a part of the letter from Ueitele & Hans Legal Practitioners who are representing occupant of the erven, Natasha Kapapu Haufiku, dated 08 September 2016.

Another occupant, Brigitte Konjore, in a letter to the office of Chief Frederik Langman, dated 23 August 2016 reads: "I do respect your request towards me to vacate the premises but can Chief Langman and the board members understand I need time of period to get a place."

Konjore also stated in that letter that she submitted photos of how the place looked before she renovated it.

"I renovated this place because it was not in good condition for a person to stay in it. All I need is your office and the board members to consider my request on extension of period of time given I have to look for another place."

New Era could not get hold of the two people to whom a room was rented.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia