San in Ohangwena receive IDs

Eenhana-More than 100 people from the marginalised San community � young and old � were issued with national documents at the Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration offices at Eenhana, Ohangwena Region, last Thursday.

In addition to the IDs all the San centres in the region also benefited from the 250 bags of clothing from Kalahari New Hope.

The young Peneyambeko Kashidulika who assembled the San community at the home affairs office said it was disheartening to know that fellow Namibians were without documents.

I have always pitied their way of living and I have always wanted to help them. So after learning that they did not have national documents I took it upon myself to have them baptised and today we are here, said Kashidulika.

Kashidulika said she also set up a kindergarten for the young children.

Kashidulika, whom the community describes as a mother, said she has employed two additional staff and pays them the little money the community contributes monthly.

I do not get a salary I give the money to my staff so that I can keep them and keep the school going. I survive on my child's disability grant and with that same money I am able to also buy the children, who are in school, uniforms, said Kashidulika.

Whilst there are those who are eager to be in school others hid their uniforms in the bushes in order not to attend school, hence she is pleading for steps to ensure the San community is fully integrated.

Elderly Haiduwa Kanghameni said he was pleased because now they and their children can benefit from government grants because they are now registered.

We have been wondering why we are not getting national documents and today is such a big relief, said Kanghameni.

Meanwhile, Puleinge Tomas, the development planner of the marginalised communities, in the Office of the President, said the ministry is hard at work to capacitate and integrate the San into the mainstream society.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia