Save RCC to save employees: PSUN

Acting Secretary general, of Public Service Union of Namibia (PSUN) UjamaKaahongoro calls on the government to find solution to the problems facing Road Construction Company (RCC) and save employment of nearly 300 company's employees.

Speaking here in a media briefing on Tuesday, Kaahongoro said PSUN does not believe in the bailout of the ailing state-owned enterprises without setting out a long term rescue plan for the RCC.

He said the company should be given a running capital, asset them with servicing some machinery and then given jobs and monitor their operation to ensure the company does not run into debts adding that this way the company could resuscitate be able to self-sustainable.

We suggest that RCC be exempted from the requirement of public procurement process and be given a percentage of road maintenance work for a particular period of time and which will be run and monitored by personnel with the requisite skills who will be seconded from the ministry or any other agency as opposed to closing down this motherly asset, he said.

Kaahongoro said RCC future is bleak and nearly 300 employees of which majority are not close to retirement are on the verge of being added to the existing worrisome unemployment rate, if no preventative measure is put in place.

He said PSUN believe there is still a strategic rescue plan for RCC that will give it a life line and unnecessary job losses will be averted.

He further added that it has become a norm that culprits of the state owned enterprises gets off scot-free at the expenses of the majority poor employees.

Kaahongora plead with the president to direct Cabinet Committee on Treasury and the cabinet to develop a sustainable strategic rescue plan other than liquidation or closing down RCC adding that it will have adverse effects on the future of innocent employees and their dependents.

The Namibia newspaper reported in May that Minister of Works and Transport John Mutorwa confirms that the government has a plan to bring the RCC back to life adding that N.dollars 280 million bailout is on the cards, along with mandatory public works tenders to maintain the country's roads.

Source: Namibia Press Agency